Monday, December 15, 2008


It was ridiculously cold here this morning, about -10 by our thermometer. With the wind chill it felt much, much colder. How cold?

Well, last night we got several inches of snow. I'm not exactly sure how much specifically, since with the wind the snow was drifted up to 4-5 inches or more in some places. So this morning I bundled up and went outside to shovel off the drive.

Which was not particularly pleasant, what with the cold and wind and blowing snow. Eventually I persevered and finished the driveway, only to realize that my hands were tingling. And not a "hey it's cold out here, but we're doing fine" tingling. Instead it was a painful "Hey it's like -30 wind chill out here and we've been gripping a cold shovel for the last half an hour" tingling.

I ended up running them under hot water when I got inside to warm them up, which is crazy when you think about how short of a time I was outside. Now granted, it wasn't real frostbite or even dangerous, but I was surprised none the less.

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