Sunday, December 21, 2008

Movies: Quantum of Solace

Linzy and I found time in amongst our busy weekend to go see the new Bond movie on Saturday evening. We both enjoyed it quite a bit.

I really like Daniel Craig's ruthless James Bond. It fit perfectly with this movie being a revenge film, and it will be interesting to see how things adapt for the next movie. If they continue with the ice-cold aspect of try to bring things more back in line with some of the previous Bonds.

I've seen a number of complaints from various people that Bond should not be an action hero. And if that is your stance, you'll have serious issues with Quantum of Solace. But I found the action scenes exciting and entertaining (especially the opening car chase and the chase/scaffolding fight).

The movie definitely did not spend any time brushing you up on what exactly happened in Casino Royale and in some ways I wish I had re-watched that first. I could still follow along with what was happening, but there were a few names bandied about early on that I had trouble remember exactly what they did in the previous film.

Depending on what you like in James Bond movies, Quantum of Solace may or may not fit with what you like. But all in all I found it very entertaining and continue to have Daniel Craig among the top two Bonds of all time.

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