Monday, December 29, 2008

Punched in the Eye

I was highly amused today at this story about a couple who got in a fight over getting a Wii for Christmas:

Blom was disappointed when he did not receive the $1,000 airplane he had asked for from his grandparents, and was underwhelmed by the gift he received from Young: a Nintendo Wii video game console.
Blom admitted to the paper that he had disparaged the Wii, angering his girlfriend
An argument ensued, and Young allegedly hid the gift and began packing her bags. Insults flew, and a fist fight between the two allegedly ended in a two-story tumble down the stairs.

“He dragged me down two flights of stairs, by the hair,” Young claimed on Friday.

But Blom said, “I stood in the doorway trying to block her. She punched me in the eye. She punched me three times. I said ‘That’s it.’ And I pulled her hair.”
I wonder what exactly he said to disparage the Wii. I can attest to the fact that mine sits unused 90% of the time, so there is certainly room for criticism. Although perhaps immediately following having received one as a gift from your girlfriend is not the optimal time. Unless your eye is itching for some punching that is.

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