Saturday, January 03, 2009

29 Nights

In 2007 I spent a big portion of the year traveling for work. In total it amounted to 44 nights away from home, with 40 in the same place (Cambridge, MA). Thankfully the bulk of those days were related to address a specific situation that was largely taken care of that year.

As a result my travel last year was significantly reduced. I only made three trips to Boston, one to Austin, TX, one to Las Vegas and then a long trip to Stockholm, Sweden. That resulted in the total amount of nights spent away from home being 29, and that was mostly a result of the two-and-a-half week Stockholm trip.

1/15 - 1/183
4/28 - 5/13
6/2 - 6/53
6/9 - 6/203 *
9/30 - 10/33
11/8 - 11/2214

Note: The June 9th through the 20th trip was 4 days for work, followed by a week-long vacation which is why I only counted it as 3 nights.

I am not positive what the next year will bring as far as travel, but this amount feels about like what I would expect given what I am responsible for. Certainly the Stockholm trip is abnormal, but there was also no India trip. So while that might indicate that the overall number may go down a bit, there is almost always something that comes up that I wouldn't have expected at the start of the year.

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