Monday, January 05, 2009


Over the Holidays I've been doing my duty to make sure that we get through all the candy at our house. It's a tall task, as we got a huge amount of new candy for Christmas, but I'm doing my best.

Of late I've been working my way through Lifesaver's sweet storybooks that are old enough that I don't really even want to know exactly when they were from. Sugar can't go bad, right?

Anyways, tonight I just noticed that each roll has a little section of advertising on it, right below the ingredients section. Which seemed a little odd, but even more strange is the fact that every roll in this box contains a little ad for

Which turns out to be an online casual game portal unaffiliated, as far as I can tell, with Wrigleys candy company. I was expecting some sort of kid-friendly site where you can run a virtual candy stand or something filled with only Wrigley candy, but instead you can play Fashion Star. What that has to do with Lifesavers, or candy in general, I am not sure.

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