Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ample Warning

The new fridge arrived today, and it definitely fits the 'bigger' criteria relative to our old fridge. I assume in time I will get use to it, but for now it throws me off every time I walk into the kitchen.

I always think it is interesting to look at the various instruction manuals and flyers that come with new products. Very prevalent these days are the "don't return to the store!" flyers. I suppose because that costs the manufacturer money when Best Buy (or whoever) charges them back for the faulty product. The fact that it is far more convenient for the customer just to take it back and exchange it rather then call up the manufacturer doesn't really quite balance out.

Anyways, the refrigerator was no different then any major purchase and came with no less then four separate warning sheets about not returning to the store. Interestingly each one of those warnings accompanied instructions on proper setup of the ice maker. Every single one. "Make sure you run it 24 hours before trying to dispense ice". "You must follow these instructions to properly setup the ice maker". "Your ice maker is not broken just because no ice is coming out, it takes 48 hours to prepare ice to full capacity". Etc. Etc.

Think they've identified the source of all those store returns? I'm also amused to imagine all those people (apparently) cussing out their new fridge when it won't dispense ice immediately after hooking up the water.

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