Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Much Travel?

The post last week on my travel for work in 2008 reminded me of a story that I don't believe I've mentioned here before.

When I was interviewing for a job at my current company during the interview process I talked with quite a few people. I had a set of somewhat predictable questions that I was asking during the interview cycle, one of which was "Is there much travel involved".

Honestly as long as the amount wasn't ridiculous I wasn't too concerned about it. But since another job I was looking at around the same time, had a really significant amount of travel associated with a specific project that I would have been leading. Plus I had taken a few trips for my old job, and so I was trying to compare.

Anyways, my question got an almost universal response of "No". Or things like "Well, not really, I've traveled a couple times in the past few years", all the way to "Never traveled for work, not once".

Eventually things worked out and I started at the new job and less then a month later I already had my first trip scheduled. Followed by close to 20% travel the following year. Now, no one was being dishonest or anything, things just changed in unforeseeable ways and I ended up getting good experience building a team from scratch. I find it amusing, and it was a fun way to give my old boss a hard time "Remember when I specifically asked how much travel this position involved?".

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