Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nothing to Report

Linzy and I are headed to Chicago this weekend for her godson Thomas's baptism. Thomas' parents are my cousins and they are also the parents of my goddaughter Ellie. I'm excited to see everyone there and be able to spend some time with my cousins. We saw them this fall, but it was right after Thomas' birth so there were ample distractions.

But due to the travel I'm taking a day off work this week which, of course, means that I end up working late to get all the things done that I need to. So no time to think up a more informative post today.

Although at dinner tonight Linzy, my Dad, Linzy's dad and I concluded that all would be well in Vikings land if they just sign Matt Cassel in the off-season (assuming he isn't franchised) and then draft a good solid route-running receiver with good hands. After 2009 they have far too many free agents, so they have basically a one-year window and need to build a winner now.

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Brenden said...

I throught I saw this on a feed during the game on Sunday, but the franchise tag has supposedly already been applied to Cassel.