Monday, January 19, 2009


On occasion I've been known to do adopt a new favorite phrase that annoys Linzy to no end. In some cases it's my favorite phrase because she gets all upset when I smoothly work it into a completely unrelated conversation.

Among the crowning achievements was the phrase "This isn't my first rodeo". I'm not even completely sure what I was talking about the first time I used it (probably sales guys), but Linzy got inordinately upset at my using the silly saying and then persisting in repeatedly working it into conversations for a whole week afterwards.

Imagine my glee this week, then, when on the front page of the Business section there was a quote from Wells Fargo's CEO saying (in reference to the Wachovia merger) "This isn't our first rodeo". Like a good husband, I made sure to call her later in the morning after she got up to make sure she didn't miss the important story. Then, to top it off, today on TV she was watching when a reporter talking about the inauguration also used the phrase.

I guess it is like one of those things where you hear about something new, and then suddenly see it all over the place. Except in this case it drives Linzy nuts and amuses me.

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McBrideFarm said...

*sigh* Poor Linzy.