Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thomas' Baptism

IMG_0938Last weekend Linzy and I were in Chicago for my cousin Thomas' baptism. We stayed with my cousin's Jon and Nicole and so got to spend quite a bit of time seeing them and the three kids as well as my Grandma.

We flew down this time rather then driving as I was concerned about the weather not cooperating. That turned out to be prescient as it snowed all day Friday (we flew in on Thursday after work), Saturday, and then again on Monday (I flew out on Sunday, Linzy on Tuesday). So we just skirted the bad weather and were in an nice position to enjoy the snow without any stress about it affecting travel plans.

The baptism ceremony was nice, and capped off a nice time spent visiting family. In particular Linzy and I had fun playing with my little cousins Katie and Ellie and visiting with my Grandma. She was eager to hear about our trip to Sweden and she shared some interesting stories about her trips to Norway to visit family.

I uploaded a few pictures of the weekend after the break.

Thomas is a big boy, 97th percentile for size. He has a huge smile all the time, except when he is hungry.

Wearing their fancy Christmas dresses didn't stop Katie and Ellie from demonstrating how to jump on the couch (or levitate in Ellie's case).

My goddaughter Ellie watching Sesame Street

The baptism

More pictures are in the set.

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McBrideFarm said...

Cute pics! Thomas is such a cute, happy guy. And I love the one of the girls jumping on the couch!