Sunday, January 04, 2009

Too Expensive

As you may have heard the Vikings playoff game today was surprisingly not instantly sold out. In fact it just barely was a technical sell-out, and I suspect there were plenty of tickets to be had even after they sold enough to get it on TV.

Linzy and I seriously considered going to the game. Partly due to Linzy's grave concern that it wouldn't be on TV and also because, well, it was a home playoff game and we just don't get those too often here.

In the end though, after looking at the prices and tickets we decided it was just too expensive. Sure there were cheap-ish tickets available, but the bulk of those were in the end zones or corner of the end zone and many in nosebleed territory. The better seats were admittedly really good seats, but also really expensive.

And considering we just had Christmas and several upcoming unexpected expenses, dropping another $400 on lower-level seats on the 30 yard line was a bit tough to swallow. So in the end we watched the game from the comfort of the downstairs couch with the added convenience of the DVR as the commercials were driving me nuts through the first quarter.

Clearly I am not a true fan.

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