Thursday, January 22, 2009


Lately on the bus I've been listening to my relatively new iPod quite a bit. This results in an embarrassing excess of technology usage, since I invariably am also playing my DS. Originally I was trying to not, but after experiencing the loveliness of not having to listen to the coughing, rustling, talking, and other sounds that accompany us on the bus I find myself unable to resist.

Anyways, the other day I found an album of mp3s that will not play on the iPod. No errors or anything, it just skips through all the songs. Which is strange, since they play fine in iTunes and Windows Media Player, but I assume there is some sort of header problem or something about their encoding that the iPod won't cooperate with.

The amusing thing was that the day this happened I just stumbled upon it randomly. But since then every time I am picking out some music it pops into my head that "Oh, I'd really like to listen to Vena Sera" except of course that's the one album out of the bazillions I have that won't play. I even have other albums by the same artist that I could listen too (though not as good), but no, I mentally skip over to a second choice.

Then at home, when I could listen to the album, of course I don't. It doesn't even cross my mind. I guess it is just another example of wanting only what you can't have.

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