Monday, January 26, 2009


On Friday Linzy and I were over at Brenden and Allison's to pick up the new refrigerator cabinet. After a tasty dinner we played a game of Power Grid.

I've been trying to convince Brenden for months that Power Grid was a good game to pick up. Since I've never played it, I am not sure what made me decide that it was such a great game. But regardless, eventually he ended up with it and so we gave it a try.

The game was a lot of fun, although I was terrible at it. I made mistakes, miscounted money, placed cities in the wrong spots and generally spent the bulk of the game in last place (which the game designers refer to as 'worst', sparing no ego). Linzy on the other hand picked up the game immediately and whooped us.

The balancing of a four-person Power Grid game was pretty good, as the game came down to the last turn with us all bunched up within one or two cities of each other. I thought the continual march of progress in the improvements of the power stations over the course of the game was interesting and kept you constantly trying to scramble to balance expanding cities, getting resources for your power plants, and getting bigger and better power stations.

The only bad thing about Power Grid was being referred to on the quick reference card as 'worst'. Which for some reason seemed much crueler then just referring to it as last. On the other hand, at least I got all my losing ways out of my system on Friday night, so I could win both Agricola and Aquadukt the next day at Scooter's house.

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