Sunday, February 15, 2009

Absurd Extravegance

On Saturday Linzy and I were going to go to the Mall of America to walk around for a bit, but the place was so crowded the entrance ramps were backed up onto the highway. Instead we went downtown and spent the afternoon wandering around looking at shops and people watching.

At one point we were in Macys and Linzy was looking in the Louis Vuitton store at their purses. I was wandering around looking at all the overpriced stuff. On one wall they had the shoes, many of which were priced north of $1,000. But the single most ridiculous thing in the store was the Louis Vuitton branded shoe trees.

I have no doubt that they can sell those shoe trees for big bucks, probably to the guy who just spend $1,030 on a pair of dress shoes, but it seems pretty absurd. I mean, it's a couple pieces of cedar with a leather Louis Vuitton strap. Is it really that much better then a $20 Woodlore one?

My hope is that they come free with the shoes, since I can't find the shoe trees listed on the LV website. But at the same time I could totally see them selling 3 bucks in cedar and metal for $100 a piece.


Robin said...

I see you were supporting Linzy's obsession . . .

Steve Eck said...

Unfortunately yes, I was supporting the obsession. We spent a good amount of time looking at really expensive purses. Didn't purchase anything though, so that has to count for something.