Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This morning for breakfast I had Rice Krispies and added some blueberries to the bowl. While in the process of washing the blueberries off I accidentally dropped a whole handful of berries on the floor, where they promptly rolled all over the kitchen. I picked them up, re-washed them and went on with my breakfast.

While I was moving around the kitchen making my lunch and getting ready for work, I noticed a few blueberries still around on the floor. I didn't think too much of it, assuming that I had missed them the first time around.

Eventually I was heading downstairs to leave and there were suddenly four or five blueberries flying down the stairs, bouncing on each step all the way down. It was like something out of a superball commercial.

It turned out that when I had dropped the blueberries on the floor, some had gotten caught in the cuffs of my pants and were dropping out as I went down the stairs. Luckily none broke, so there was no mess to clean up, just a few stray berries to grab up. But since I was still half asleep, it was pretty surprising.

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McBrideFarm said...

Thank goodness they didn't get mushed into the carpet! That would have been a mess.