Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Habanero Hot Sauce Day

Today at work was Habanero Hot Sauce day. A group of four of my co-workers and I all went down to the local Taco Johns for Taco Tuesday (69 cent beef tacos) and then tried out a new hot sauce that Ryan had brought into work.

Spicy foods have been the subject of conversation at work after some 'naughty almonds' that a co-worker brought in that were almonds coated in cayenne pepper. From there of course there was a discussion about whether they were truly 'spicy', and things escalated from there. That resulted in the same co-worker bringing in the hot sauce, a few people trying it on things and raving about its ridiculous firey taste. And from there, things escalated into a group of us deciding to try it on tacos.

The interesting thing about this particular hot sauce was the ingredient list. The "Hurtin' Habanero" hot sauce that I have in my fridge has ingredients of "Water, Habanero, ...". This sauce's ingredients list went "Habaneros, Water, ..., Scotch Bonnet Peppers". Note that water was not the primary ingredient, rather Habaneros were.

That made me a bit nervous, given my suddenly delicate stomach, but I agreed to join in anyways.

So we went and got our tacos (and potato oles, in case we needed something to dull the pain), and brought them back up to the office. Where we stood around my co-workers cube and ate our tacos and drops of hot sauce.

The sauce was hot, really hot. On my three tacos I had four drops of sauce, then 7 drops, then 10. And by the end I was sweating a bit, my nose was running a little, and my lips burned a bit (mostly from where I licked a drop of sauce straight off my finger). But it was tolerable, at least in the quantities I ate. In fact, it was probably less hot then the blazin' wings at BW3s if for no other reason then the Blazin' wings always come just dripping in crazy sauce. And there, we were sticking to small drops.

No one had to stop eating a taco due to the sauce, though one person came close, and another was looking like they were in some serious pain. But the general consensus was that the sauce was good, though no one was talking about just pouring it on stuff.

All in all it was pretty entertaining, and gave us something to talk about most of the morning leading up to lunch.


Brenden said...

As opposed to *working* leading up to lunch? :)

McBrideFarm said...

have you ever tried "dave's insanity sauce"? that stuff should seriously be considered a weapon. it is so hot you can only have a tiny drop from the tip of a toothpick and still be crying. honest. and i think i have a high spiciness tolerance,

maybe you need hot sauce day part ii?