Monday, February 09, 2009

Iron Stomach

Last Friday morning a co-worker and I went to get some Caribou coffee. While I drink coffee every day I very rarely have anything other then the office swill, but on Friday my co-worker was offering to pay and so I took him up on the offer.

Anyways, so I spent my morning meetings enjoying my large Dark roast of the day coffee. Several hours later I had been done with my drink for quite a while, and recalled that Caribou offers same-cup refills for only 50 cents. It was still a few hours before lunch, so I decided to go get another coffee.

Now normally I have just one cup of coffee in the morning. It is a large cup, but nonetheless I only have the one and then no more during the day. But on Friday I managed to drink down about half that second cup before I discovered my stomach was getting really upset.

I guess two large cups of coffee (or one and a half) was too much for my suddenly delicate constitution. Which is strange considering it isn't all that much more then I normally drink, and I don't think of coffee as being all that likely to upset a stomach. At least in moderation, which apparently does not include two large cups of Caribou coffee.

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