Thursday, February 19, 2009

RV Insurance

Today I received junk mail from Geico offering "Important Information for RV enthusiasts". It was, of course, an ad for buying RV insurance through Geico. It talked about the glory of loading up your RV and heading out on the road for parts unknown, and how Geico could help protect you and your investment.

Among the offerings was insurance covering people hurt while riding in your RV, covering people injured while on vacationing with your RV, and offering housing allowances for when you RV is in an accident (I assume while you are on vacation, this isn't a mobile home after all). Apparently they are pretty sure you might be injured around an RV, or that by owning an RV you are concerned about coverage for that.

The only trouble is that I don't own an RV. And I can't figure out is what I did to get myself on a list as an RV enthusiast. I mean we are talking targeted advertising here, it wasn't just advertising all the great insurance options Geico offers (including RV insurance), or talking about their brand-new RV insurance program. This was meant to be sent to someone with a 26-foot expensive RV.


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