Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Dozen

Over the weekend Linzy ordered me some Olive Garden takeout because she saw an ad for the new Mezzaluna with Sausage dish and thought I would like it (which I did, it was delicious). She also knows how much I like bread, so she had seen that the takeout only came with two breadsticks and asked whether they sold individual breadsticks, and ordered an extra two for me.

Given that it was Valentine's day weekend the restaurant was absolutely busting at the seams when we arrived to pick up the meal. I ended up going in by myself and spent five minutes literally fighting my way through the crowd to get to the take-out register, and then five minutes standing in line there. When my turn finall came the guy pulled out our bag of food and was reading the receipt: One Mezzaluna with Sausage and Two dozen Breadsticks.

Two Dozen?

I had already handed over the gift card we were using, but I was standing there thinking "What in the world did Linzy order two dozen breadsticks for?". But at that point I was just ready to go, and I wasn't positive what Linzy had ordered anyways, so I fought my way back through the mob and out to the car.

Where I immediately demanded to know what we were supposed to do with 26 breadsticks (remember the two that came with it), when I was the only one eating the meal. Linzy was all upset, since she had specifically asked about individual breadsticks and had been reassured that this was no problem. But I refused to set foot back in the restaurant (despite the fact that the two dozen breadsticks basically doubled the cost of the meal), and so we went home with one dinner and breadsticks for an army.

Luckily the breadsticks freeze well. But I've already had them four times this week/weekend and have no doubt I'll be thoroughly sick of them.

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