Monday, February 16, 2009

The Wire: Season 4

This weekend I finished watching the fourth season of the Wire. I was initially apprehensive about this season as it appeared to be much more an ensemble effort then the previous seasons, and a bit more focused on aspects outside of police work. And it was, but I still enjoyed it.

In fact, I actually think that I probably enjoyed it more then the second season (for example), though I don't think it was as powerful as the first season. I found myself enjoying the school storylines, watching Prez and Colvin struggle with their teaching and the kids struggling with their home lives.

Another aspect that I liked was the increased screen time Omar got, as he is probably my favorite non-primary character. I'm not convinced that he is going to manage to make it through the last season, but his antics still makes me laugh.

I'm really looking forward to the final season.

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Moe said...

We just started season 5. I'm sad to see the show end, but what a great show it was. I just hope Omar stays alive.