Sunday, March 08, 2009

Movies: The Watchmen

On Saturday Linzy and I went to go see the Watchmen. Neither of us have read the graphic novel, but Linzy thought the previews looked really good. The movie was interesting, and certainly not like your typical comic book movie.

I thought it was pretty good, although it was definitely slow moving at points. The way it was framed, with lots of long establishing shots was (I assume) accurate to the graphic novel. But while that helped set the atmosphere of the world it also made it longer (well over 2.5 hours).

Since I hadn't read the novel, the story line was completely new and that made it enjoyable. I also liked the characters and grittiness of the story. The movie is definitely not for everyone, however. It was gory, graphic, and probably much darker then what most people are used to.

Regardless, I enjoyed it. For reference, Linzy did not.

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