Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seek & Destory

Today was the release of Guitar Hero: Metallica. Originally I was trying to resist buying it as it is overpriced relative to Rock Band, and Lars doesn't really need any more money. But as more information about the game came out, like the song list, I ended up getting excited for its release. For valentines day, Linzy got me the game, and so today I could finally go pick it up.

I talked Brenden into coming over this afternoon and we spent a while working our way through songs. The game is pretty much what I was expecting: lots of fun. The song list is pretty awesome, and the presentation is is well polished. Most of the songs translate really well into something that is fun to play on a little plastic guitar, and from what I could tell the drums sounded good too.

I was a little afraid the difficulty would be hand-injuring, but it isn't quite that bad. Certainly worse then any of the Rock Band games (which are generally too easy), but not quite as bad as GH3. There appear to be some songs that are going to be a challenge, others that will just take a couple tries, but a lot are very manageable.

Because of the narrow selection of music, GH: Metallica will never be a party staple, but it is a lot of fun for me to play. Of course now the challenge will be finding time to actually play it.

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