Monday, March 02, 2009


Pippen 273Pippen has been sick for the past month or so with something that is making her eat like crazy (she's gained over a pound, which is a lot for a 9 pound dog) and also have to go to the bathroom constantly. She's been waking us up a few times a night, and then waiting downstairs for me when I get up so that I take her out right away.

In addition she has been snoring like crazy at night. (This all sounds very pleasant, no? It's actually just little doggy snoring, which is more like sighing) Last night she was snoring loud enough around 3am that I woke up and, groggily thought that the sighs from her breathing were actually her whining downstairs, so I got up and hustled down to let her out. Except she was no where to be found, until I called for her a couple times. Then she got up and groggily made her way downstairs too, extremely disgruntled that I woke up her deep doggy-dream-filled sleep in the middle of the night and made her go outside.

I felt bad for her, but at the same time turnabout is fair play.

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