Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Dozen

Today one of the SysAdmins and I spent most of the day moving 75 servers from an old data center to our server rooms at the office. This was much less interesting then a normal server move as the functions that were on the systems had already been migrated, so it was purely an exercise in manual labor of picking up the servers, transporting them to the new site, and unloading everything.

Anyways, I had asked my co-worker to arrange for the U-Haul rental and the specifics of where to pick things up, who we needed involved, etc. So early this morning we went over to the U-haul place to pick up the truck, a furniture dolly and blankets for the move. They had some problems finding the reservation (apparently there are three U-Hauls in a close area in Cambridge), but eventually they got us going and were finalizing the order. The conversation went like this:

Counter Guy: So, a 14' foot truck
Us: Yep
CG: Ok
Us: And a furniture dolly and three dozen blankets
CG: Three dozen?!
Us: Yeah
CG: Three dozen?
Us: Yeah
<CG walks over to the front door to yell at the guy outside>
CG: Hey...they need a 14' footer...yeah, that one there...and three dozen blankets.
Other guy: <something I couldn't make out>
CG: yes, three dozen!
Us: Not many people order three dozen blankets?
CG: Nope....Three dozen. Heh. I'm going home early!

Then while ringing the order up the counter guy stressed the 3 dozen blankets again, smirked, and made a 'score' motion with his arm.

I'm not sure what kind of commission the U-Haul people get when they rent out three dozen blankets, but it clearly made his day.


McBrideFarm said...

Three dozen?!?!

:P Glad you spread some sunshine through your manual labor.

Brenden said...

From the workers' reactions the blankets must be as good a deal as service plans at Best Buy. Cha-ching! Pure profit, baby!