Sunday, April 05, 2009

Double Feature

Waking up to an inch or two of snow on the ground this morning was depressing, but at least the sun came out later in the day and melted most of it away.

Despite the spring-strength sun, today I ended up watching two movies. Death Race while I was exercising, and then later in the day Linzy and I went to go see Duplicity.

I'm still not quite sure how Death Race ended up coming from Netflix. I'm sure I threw it on the queue just because it has Jason Statham in it, but I don't know how it ended up on the top. Unfortunately by the time I noticed it, it had already shipped. Anyways the film turned out to be a pretty good one for watching while working out because I had no real need to hear any of the dialog, but there was lots of action to keep me interested. The movie was ridiculous and all, and dragged pretty significantly towards the end, but it was kind of entertaining.

Duplicity was also pretty good. It had funny moments, and the intricate spy-plot helped keep me entertained. Julia Roberts and Clive Owen made an amusing team, and I also liked the hyper-competitive CEOs. I did get a little bored towards the end of the movie when I could guess what was going to happen, but overall it was pretty good for a romantic comedy.

Hopefully by next weekend the weather will be nicer and there will be more outside activities.

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