Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nerd Fest

Last night, Brenden's brother threw a gaming night party for Brenden as sort-of a bachelor party before the wedding this upcoming weekend. We went out for dinner, and then had a poker tournament, played Rock Band and Guitar Hero: Metallica, and some strategy boardgames.

The turn-out was pretty good for a short notice party without normal bachelor party activities. The poker tournament was interesting because it's not a game that many of us regularly play, so the ones who do were able to clean up. I made the final table despite horrible, horrible, horrible cards and wasn't even the shortest stack coming into the last grouping, so I was pretty happy with that. Even if I did end up finishing sixth.

We also played a game of Battlestar Galactica, which was just as much fun as the first time I played it. In fact, it might have been more fun as I was a cylon from the start this time and got to really wreck havoc on the unlucky humans. As far as I can tell it is virtually impossible for the humans to win, at least if you have reasonably crafty cylon players.

Throw in some beer and time spent debating video games (virtually the only topic I will debate), and it was a lot of fun. A late night, by the time things wound down, but a lot of fun.

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