Thursday, April 02, 2009

Oh, I Remember Him!

When I was in Boston last week, one night stopped at the nearby mall to get fitted for my tux for Brenden's wedding. The guy who helped fit me was quite talkative, and happened to be from Texas (where Brenden and Allison's wedding is). That made him even more talkative, as he told me all about how he had lived there when he was a kid, when he moved, what he liked about going back, how it had snowed on his fifth birthday causing him to not be able to go to Chuck E Cheese, etc.

During his rambling, he started mentioning how he remembered when Brenden came in to get fitted and how he remembered everyone who comes in who is going to Texas. Of course this was in Boston and so Brenden had never set foot in the store. For some reason it amused me to not correct him, and listen to all of the things the sales guy 'remembered'.

The sales guy was nice enough, so I never mentioned that I wasn't from Boston and that he had never met anyone from the wedding party. I'm sure he is telling stories to the next customers about the big wedding party going to Texas that he was just helping out last week. Looking back on it, I guess this was a bit mean on my part, but it was quite amusing at the time.


Brenden said...

You forgot to tell how he asked you whether you wanted to pick up the tux there in Boston or in Texas!

newplanet said...

Hey, Brenden's getting married! How cool is that. Whoa. I really need to pay more attention to this blog. Sorry about that. Go Brenden! Go Steve, etc!