Tuesday, April 28, 2009


On the way back from Houston on Sunday, our plane flight was oversold. They found a few volunteers to take a later flight and so when the plane showed up (late) we all piled on ready to get going. After sitting at the gate for a bit, they announced that we were 100 pounds overweight and they were 'working on it'.

After a long delay and quite a bit of commotion up front, it became clear that there was a passenger who was refusing to leave the plane. Eventually multiple security guards were called, the cops showed up, and still the guy wouldn't leave the plane.

The captain and flight attendants kept getting on the speakers announcing that they were still working on it, but yet the guy refused to leave the plane and was on his cell phone the entire time.

After about an hour he finally got off and the captain explained that the stubborn passenger was a Delta or Northwest employee who was flying standby on a jumpseat. Because we were overweight, they were making him get off the plane. Which makes total sense, since he was flying for free and the rest of us were paying. But apparently the rules are different between Delta and Northwest and he must have been saying that they couldn't kick him off. Which made the constant cell phone make sense, since he was probably on the phone to a union rep or benefits person or something.

It was pretty strange to see the captain of a plane, and three uniformed security guards asking someone to leave a plane, and that person not complying.

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