Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rice Cakes

This week downtown Quaker Oats has had people handing out packages of Chocolatey Drizzle Mini Delights. Every day they have three or four girls standing in the skyways handing out a package or two to everyone who walks by all lunch hour.

Some of the girls handing out the packets take handing out free stuff very seriously, calling out to everyone walking by to come get the rice cakes. A few of them, though, don't do anything except stand around looking obviously disinterested. They don't even have snack packs in their hand to hand out if someone did want one.

The first day I was thinking they were mini packages of cookies or something, and was a little disappointed to find out they were rice cakes. But actually they are not too bad. The chocolate covers up the styrofoamy taste of the multigrain rice cake fairly effectively. They make a nice dessert to go with lunch.

Today though, I must have walked by when they were just trying to get rid of the last of the stock, because I got three packets shoved into my hands when I walked by. One of my co-worker ended up with an entire half case. I'm pretty sure the 'okay-ness' will wear out by the time we finish the sixty-or-so packets now sitting in the office.

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McBrideFarm said...

I think the name Chocolately Drizzle Mini Delights is hilarious.

I also love how the best rice cakes are those coated in something that masks the blandness of the cake. Such as the cheddar-cheese coated rice cakes. I always think, "Oh, yum!" when I see them in the store, and then realize that I am just thinking the cheddar cheesy-ness is the yummy part, not the rice cake.