Monday, April 13, 2009

Smart Cookie

Pippen is not a particularly smart dog. She barks at leaves blowing through the yard, is afraid of the kitchen, and consistently falls for the 'did I throw it?' game with her toys.

This morning we were following our usual routine, so Pippen was waiting downstairs to go outside after I got out of the shower. Afterwards she went back to bed while I ate breakfast and made my lunch. That's the normal routine.

I happened to have some extra time and the weather outside was reasonably nice so after finishing up everything else I decided to take Pippen for a morning walk. Anyways, the second I walked back into the kitchen and opened up the drawer with the plastic bags in it (to bring with on the walk) Pippen immediately woke up, ran downstairs and waited by the front door to go on her walk.

She didn't come in to see what I was doing or stand at the top of the stairs waiting for me, she ran straight downstairs apparently knowing exactly what I was doing. Despite the fact that it has literally been months since the last time we went for a morning walk.

Apparently she's smart enough to remember the important things. And I'm sure tomorrow she will skip going back to bed and instead pester me all morning about going on a walk.

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