Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waffle House

While in Houston last weekend, on Saturday morning a group of us got together for breakfast and took advantage of our southern location to hit up the Waffle House for a filling meal.

I haven't been to Waffle House in a long time, and it was fun to go back. The place was packed with people and we almost got into a fight after Fred and I accidentally didn't wait to be seated and then were accused of jumping in line. Luckily we avoided starting a riot and got lucky and ended up being able to sit near the rest of our party.

It is hard to believe how much Waffle House food you get for a relatively low price. The all-star breakfast was a mere $6.65 and came with a plate-sized waffle, hash browns, two eggs, two pieces of toast (swimming in butter) and two pieces of bacon or sausage. That same meal at Perkins would cost way more.

Overall Waffle House was exactly like I remembered it being from past trips when I was a kid. They had the same mad-rush grill cooking style, cheap construction and furniture, quick service, and cheap and plentiful foods. I wouldn't be able to eat there regularly but it was a fun place to go once.

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Becky Eck said...

Yummmm, the Waffle House. The hotel I stayed at my final night in Houston was across the highway from a waffle House. It was tempting!!!