Monday, May 18, 2009

Movies: Star Trek

As I mentioned yesterday, on Sunday evening Linzy and I went to see Star Trek. Both of us thought the movie was quite good.

Perhaps surprisingly I was never really a fan of the original Star Trek. Next Generation, of course, but not the original. Despite this I did enjoy the movies (even numbered ones, at least). However despite not really liking the original show I did like the characters and so the latest movie was very satisfying.

I enjoyed seeing another take on how the characters all met and came together, and really liked the updated Enterprise bridge, space ships and equipment. I can't believe how much Sylar looks like Spock, it is borderline creepy. The movie had a ton of action which kept things exciting and despite the heavy use of time travel in the plot I didn't think the story line was particularly hard to follow.

I am sure that true Trek fans are all up in arms about the lack of continuity with the original series, but I thought that they captured the spirit of the show and made an entertaining movie. I am looking forward to any sequels they make.

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