Tuesday, May 12, 2009


DSC_3540Last weekend while Larry and I were working on recovering the ball stuck in a tree, Linzy was roaming the woods near her parent's house. She stumbled across two antlers within a few feet of each other a little ways back from her parent's leeching field.

The interesting part was that though the antlers were a left and right, they weren't the same number of points. One side was a four-point and the other side was a three-point. The base size was very similar, and since they were found within a few feet of each other it seemed like they might have come from the same deer. Except that it would have been a mutant deer with mismatched horns.


Larry tried to get Pippen to search out the other missing antlers to prove they were from separate deer, but Pippen was more interested in searching out and trying to eat junk from the woods.

So we'll never know if Larry has mutant deer living in his woods. Until some day when he sees one teleporting around, or baring its adamantium claws.

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