Monday, May 11, 2009


DSC_3473This weekend Linzy and I went up to her parent's for Mother's day, and Linzy and her brother's birthdays. It was a busy weekend, with a Sironen family birthday party, Mother's day activities and a number of other family activities to take part in.

It was fun to spend some time with Linzy's family and we also had a little bit of time on Sunday to relax and spend outside enjoying reasonably nice weather. Linzy and I spent a bit of time playing a few games of Ladder Ball which, much to Linzy's frustration, I was winning consistently. At one point after I had wrapped up a match and still had one throw left to waste, I was fooling around and trying to throw the balls really high in the air and get them to come down on the ladder and cancel out one of Linzy's throws.

Unfortunately I got overzealous and threw way up into a tree back in the woods. And then we couldn't get the balls back down, and didn't have a ladder anywhere near tall enough to reach them. The tree happened to be mostly dead, so then Larry and I were going to cut it down. Except that it started to fall the wrong direction, so we had to winch it to another tree to get it to fall back into the woods rather then towards the house.

But then the cut tree bounced off another tree and got stuck in the branches, ending up threatening the garage. So we ended up having to cut down another half-dead tree in order to get it safely away from the garage and down to the ground.

Linzy thought all of this was really hilarious, once she got over her anger at me for being an idiot and getting the ball stuck in the first place. I felt terrible that we were cutting down trees (even if they were dead and scrubby), but Larry and Sandy both seemed glad just to get the woods cleared a little so the smaller maples could grow instead.

Linzy, getting ready for a throw

The red ball stuck on a branch in the woods

You'll probably need to go to a larger size, but the balls just to the right of the green ever green clump at the top of the photo. You can see Larry at the bottom getting ready for cutting

"This isn't really going as planned"

Eventually we were successful and the ladder ball set was retired for the day.

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Becky Eck said...

Here is a real mother question:
Did we learn anything from that experience???? :)