Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spur of the Moment

We had a busy weekend this weekend.

The garage sale Friday and Saturday was a pretty good success, with the girls making pretty close to $500 between the three of them. It ended up to be a bit of work, including the clean-up on Saturday, and I also found time to do some chores around the house that had been lingering for a while. Then Saturday evening Linzy and I went over to my parent's house to celebrate Linzy's birthday, Mother's Day, and my Mom's birthday. We had a great time there talking about some of the things going on and what we've all been up to lately.

On Sunday I got in a bike ride in the morning and then we went to go look at a new house that is being built nearby which we stumbled on randomly and realized that while it is exactly what we would want, we disappointingly aren't even close to being ready to move. I had been targeting September, but it looks like we will need to get our act together. Unfortunately the list of things to spiff up in the house prior to a sale will take several weekends of hard work, something that we won't have available until July.

Sunday afternoon we went to Megan's first birthday party and had fun talking with Dan and Nikki and their family. Megan did her one-year-old duty and dutifully got just covered in birthday cake, including getting some between her toes. After the party, we went to see Star Trek which was great.

This week will be spent hurriedly trying to get the house cleaned up in time for the weekend.


Robin said...

holy crap - I didn't know you were seriously considering moving. I hope its not too far from us . . .

Steve Eck said...

This particular house was only a mile or two away, not far at all.