Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Warp

I was reading the New York Times site today (via the awesome article skimmer) and saw an article on the Discovery channel's Time Warp show.

A month or two ago I stumbled onto Time Warp by accident while exercising one weekend. After whatever show I was watching on DVR finished, Time Warp happened to be on and caught my interest. The episode I watched was "Will it Blend?" which had all sorts of entertaining slow-motion high-speed camera work involved.

I'm not sure exactly what was so fascinating about watching things in really, really slow motion, but I found it interesting. The example given in the New York Times article, where they demonstrate how a single drop of water shatters into multiple smaller drops when it collides with a pool of water, is a perfect example. I would never have guessed that happens, even if it does make sense that surface tension would be insufficient to keep the drop of water together on impact.

I haven't followed up to watch the show more often, but I did think it was a pretty cool concept and reading through the episode guide they seem to have found interesting things to film. I'm not sure how they are going to manage more then a few seasons, but it is probably worth checking out at least once if you are interested in seeing minute details of how something happens.

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