Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Too Cheap

Prior to this evening, I would have claimed that there was no such thing as inedible pizza. Certainly there was better tasting, and less-good tasting pizza, but not really 'bad' pizza. Even the bottom rung around here, the Totino's Party Pizza, was something that I have eaten on many occasions. In fact, it used to be one of my favorite after school snacks when I was in High School. Tonight, however, I was proven wrong.

Linzy is at a conference for the rest of the week and was nice enough to leave me some dinners for the week. Tonight's was a frozen pizza and salad, except that it wasn't a normal pizza. It was a 47 cent (seriously) generic pizza from Cub. And not just any generic pizza, but an imitation Totino's Party Pizza.

It was not good. Which I guess, I should have guessed given that it was based on the bottom of the frozen pizza chain and that it cost 47 cents. But the picture on the box looked reasonable, so I had hopes for it.

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Becky Eck said...

Probably the cut off line for edible pizza is $1.00?????