Thursday, May 28, 2009


This weekend Linzy and I finally broke down and started working on repainting the last room in the house that has never been painted since we moved in quite a while ago. The room is our upstairs bathroom and there were a variety of problems with repainting the room.

The supposed reason was that I had vague plans of replacing the flooring with something better then the vinyl flooring that is currently in the room and since replacing the flooring would likely cause irreparable damage to the walls or at least the trim, I didn't want to paint the room twice. However as the years went on and I did nothing with the floor, that excuse started to get less believable and the real reason became clearer, we didn't want anything to do with trying to remove the very solidly attached wallpaper border in the room.

Well now that we are very seriously considering moving, the time has come to buck up and repaint the room. Thus we spent all day on Monday working on removing the wallpaper and remembering exactly why that job just might be the most frustrating job in the entire world.

I hate wallpaper. Not necessarily just removing it, but even the look of it, and while we were looking for a home the first time I refused to consider buying more then one house because it had full-wall wallpaper in several rooms. Our current house had just two thing wallpaper borders and I still refused to have anything to do with removing one of them.

As far as I can tell, there is no good way to remove wallpaper, even with a steamer, you still have to deal with all of the glue and the inevitable ripped drywall afterwards. We can put a man on the moon and do all sorts of other crazy things, I'm not sure why no one has figured out a way to make wallpaper that actually comes off the fricking wall.

At this point all of the wallpaper is removed, but there is still one more coat of touch-up spackling, primer, and then two coats of paint before the project will be finished. I can only hope that the next owners appreciate our efforts.


McBrideFarm said...

Ooh, I hate wallpaper! Our house is completely covered in it. I am just living in denial that the entire living room and kitchen have wallpaper beneath the thick layer of white paint. I'm never, ever touching those walls! Lately I have been feeling a little insane and starting to consider tackling removing the wallpaper from the upstairs rooms and repainting. Save me from myself!!!

Becky Eck said...

Dad and I learned our lesson after a decade of applying wallpaper. We still have wall repairs in Sarah's old room from the border. It's inevitable that you have to do it, but Mom sends much empathy to you!