Sunday, May 31, 2009

What Weekend?

And another weekend goes by in a blur, as we try to pack too many things in.

Friday night was spent working on the spackling the bathroom walls, as upon closer inspection it wasn't up to my standards. Then Saturday was sanding that same spackling, cleaning up the bathroom afterwards, taping in preparation for painting and mowing the lawn. We also made it over to Paul & Laura's for Mia's first birthday party. Then today we put on a coat of primer and the first coat of regular paint. That just leaves one more coat of paint (hopefully), and we'll finally be able to put the bathroom back together.

In the free time it's been laundry, boxing up stuff we don't need laying around the house, selling some things on Craigslist, and getting a few other things ready for my trip to India that is coming up on Sunday.

Unfortunately I think work will be insanely busy this week as well, so the fun never stops around these parts.

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