Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today after almost exactly a month of work (mostly by Linzy, since I was in India for half that time) we finished everything that we wanted to do in order to put our house on the market. We signed all the paperwork, took pictures, and have a temporary sign in front of the house and everything.

At this point it was nice just to reach a completion point, even if there was more that I would have done if I had had more time. But over half our non-furniture possessions are cluttering up my parent's basement and we've hit all the big items, so I think it was time to say enough is enough.

And now we start the exercise in patience as we wait (and probably, given the way things are now, wait and wait) to see what happens. Very exciting and frightening all at the same time.


Moe said...

Good luck, hopefully you find the right buyer quickly. Any idea where you are going to move to? Have you started looking already?

Brenden said...


Bill Roehl said...

Good luck! Try burying St Joseph in your front yard, upside down:

*shrug*, I heard it works ;-)

McBrideFarm said...

Good luck! :)

Becky Eck said...

It' nice having some more things to choose from when the need arises. Just go downstairs, rifle through some boxes, find needed item. Steve and Linzy won't notice, will they????

Steve Eck said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes.

We have already picked out where we want to move to, but the first step is selling this house. One step at a time.