Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Clif Bars

Tonight I was at Cub picking up a prescription and while I was waiting for it, I decided to do some shopping for food to bring with with to India this weekend as a backup in case I can't handle the normal food. I also happened to be sort of hungry, so the food purchasing might have gotten a little out of control.

The particular downfall, was that they had a more flavors of Clif Bar-type bars then I've ever seen, and once I started picking out a few of each, I couldn't stop. It was only when I got home and emptied out the bag that I realized that grabbing two from each box wasn't necessarily the best plan.

I probably looked like some crazed shopping spree contestant, but at least I won't go hungry.


Bill Roehl said...

I ate two in a day once and I was, ummm, stopped up for three. You might be better off with the food they have. Indian is fantastic.

Steve Eck said...

I have the intention of never eating the Clif Bars or anything else I am bringing with. But on the other hand, it seems like a good idea to be prepared.

I am also not going to assume that the Indian food I like in the US will be anything like what I will get in Bangalore.

Bill Roehl said...

I went to a friend's wedding (granted it was in LA) and they had all traditional Indian dishes. It wasn't like your typical menu entrees here but it was certainly edible.

The one item that they had that was different was deep fried chilies. I'm into hot food but those were pretty nuts.

Enjoy your trip. I hope you get a chance to take some photos to share!

Robin said...

the issue isn't how good the food is - the issue is that there are food-borne pathogens present that you are not used to. I would DEFINITELY bring this. Also Fred's dr prescribed him something to take in the event that he had hmm, gastro-problems. You might want to bring these kinds of things as well.

Steve Eck said...

Yeah, I have the medicine for gastro-intestinal issues as well and will be bringing it with. Better safe then sorry. :)