Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Phone Technology

It is only a matter of time at this point until our landline is gone, the question is just whether we move and don't get one hooked up at the new house or if we cancel it first. The primary subject of debate around here in terms of getting rid of the landline is what to do with the old phones, which are quite nice and conveniently located in each room.

Previously we had talked about getting Ooma, if the price ever comes down. But today I found xlink, who makes a bluetooth router thingy that uses your cell phone(s) to provide a dial-tone to every phone in the house.

The XLink seems like a better solution, since we just don't use many cell phone minutes and most of the minutes we do use are free (because they are nights/weekends or to other customers of similar cell phone companies). I think it would be pretty cool to still be able to use the regular phones without a landline.

The only downside would be needing to turn on bluetooth, which we don't have turned on normally on either phone to save on battery life. Maybe they make another system that will connect with mini USB.

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