Sunday, June 07, 2009


For my trip today, I'm flying on an Air France flight. The portion of my trip going to Atlanta is Air France flight, but operated by Delta, and supposed to be checked-in at Northwest/Delta kiosks.

So I went to the Delta/Northwest counter to check in, and was told to choose "Northwest" for Air France. Except then nothing I entered would find my ticket. I tried Delta against their advice, since that was who was operating the flight and still the reservation code wouldn't pull anything up. Eventually the counter agent tried to help and said that she didn't have a Delta login and so I would have to go across the road and try the Delta counter (as opposed to the Delta/Northwest counter).

So I went over to the end of the terminal where there are eight kiosks manned by Delta agents (I am told). From there, I had to re-prove that the kiosk was still showing 'assistance required' when I scanned my passport under Delta. It turned out that the Atlanta portion of my flight was oversold, so they switched me to a Northwest direct flight to Paris, cutting one whole leg off my trip.

But in order to do that, they had to hand-write a new boarding pass. Which I then had to take back to a Northwest counter to get checked in for the new flight.

In the end, this actually worked out, but it required visiting three different counters (all labeled Delta/Northwest counters). Clearly Delta and Northwest are operating as one seamless company. At least I don't have to go to Georgia for no particular reason.

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Mom said...

Glad you got the direct to Paris flight! Hope the full flight goes smoothly and your trip is successful but not exhausting.