Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Team Outing

IMG_1359Last week while I was in India, we took an afternoon off for a team outing. Originally we were thinking to try something like cricket, but that didn't work out so instead we went out for lunch and then bowling.

Honestly when I heard bowling, I was assuming that it was lawn bowling, but it was regular 10-pin bowling in a bowling alley that once you were inside could have been anywhere in the US. It had exactly the same decor, music, bowling system, etc that a US bowling alley would have. Right down to being filled with high-school/college kids.

The lunch and bowling outing was really fun. The most 'experienced' bowler on the team had been bowling a grand total of twice, so we had lots of fun comparing bowling styles, cheering each other on, and commiserating over barely missed pins. By the second game everyone was starting to get in the groove. Srikant in particular really was a natural, throwing two spares and four consecutive strikes in the second game.

It was nice to be able to spend some time with the team outside of work.


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Sri said...

Missing Steve with a ball picture ... :-(