Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Good Things

I was reading today an article at Gamasutra talking about how revenues from music/rhythm games are down 50% year over year. This seems pretty much expected, as Activision continues to pump out the overpriced retail releases every few months and Rock Band has gone more-or-less downloadable content only for the past year in preparation for The Beatles: Rock Band.

That makes the relative comparison of retail revenue between the two titles somewhat skewed, but I think the overall trend of declining revenues is accurate. I know that I have seen a ton of the more expensive bundles selling for half-price as retailers try to get rid of them. And even as a huge fan of Rock Band and the early Guitar Hero games, I can't muster up much interest in either The Beatles nor Guitar Hero 5. I like the Beatles OK, but that's not what I would be interested in playing. And the Guitar Hero model of no DLC and constant overpriced separate games turns me off.

Perhaps Rock Band 2 and its massive library of downloadable songs will reign as the pinnacle of music game success. Or perhaps one of the two companies will do something innovative and spark a new round of competition.

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