Sunday, July 19, 2009


On Saturday Linzy and I went to our builder's design center for the first planning visit on the new house. Having never built before it was an entirely new experience. Luckily we had worked with the development sales guy quite a bit on options so we had at least some idea of what we were getting into.

Until we actually got there of course, and realized the full scope of all of the decisions that needed to be made.

It wasn't just the expected things like what kind of flooring do you want, and what kind of granite, and what edge on the granite, but a million small things as well. Such as what kind of toilets do you want, round, elongated, or comfort height. Did you even know a 'comfort height' toilet existed?

How about sinks, do you want the standard 8.25" depth, the mixed 7.5" and 9.5" or the double 9.5" inch kitchen sink. Oh, you want the 9.5" inch? That's an extra $700. Are you still sure? How about roll-out shelves? $95 a piece, how many do you want and where? What about the grout color on your ceramic tile?

I don't think that I have ever made that many decisions in a three hour period. On one hand it is nice because we truly will be getting exactly what we want, or think we want. On the other hand it is sort of scary because you make 300 decisions and then 6 months later a house pops out with all those items installed. Better hope that carpet color you picked from the 3x3 sample turns out good when you have a whole house full of it. Or the paint color selected from a 1x2 inch swath, that the entire house will be painted. No pressure.

Then because we are gluttons for punishment immediately following the design center we went to Southern Lights and picked out all 39 of the light fixtures for the house. That would have been horrendous but the sales consultant (Michelle) was awesome and helped keep us from being overwhelmed and kept us on budget.

The end result is that other then a few custom options they are working out prices for, nearly everything is decided. So they should be able to start construction as soon as the permits come through.

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