Sunday, July 05, 2009

German Break-Dancing

And just like that, a long holiday weekend is over. Our weekend was just as busy as we were expecting, but it was a lot of fun. We did everything originally planned plus unexpectedly had Linzy's brother and his new girlfriend over for dinner tonight. Everything we did this weekend was as much fun as I was expecting, and so it made for a really good weekend.

Unfortunately all those activities plus some preparations for this week at work conspired against me being able to write anything long and detailed about what we did this weekend. I will share this little bit.

New Ulm is an extremely German town, and has a bit of a reputation as an 'older' town. So I was surprised to see the "Beat Shack" just a few blocks from main street where German music plays from the loudspeakers. Even better was the sign that was on the front-door saying "Food + Pop + Break-dance Boy INSIDE".


Because, you know, where else would you keep a Break-dance Boy?

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