Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Lost Album

Yesterday on the bus ride to work I was looking for some music to listen to while I played my DS. In an attempt to find something different to listen to, I ended up settling on Opeth. I was thinking this was a CD I had downloaded quite a few months ago and then didn't really like as much as I was expecting and so didn't listen to it again.

But yesterday I thought perhaps I hadn't given it a fair shake and so that I should listen to it again. But when the CD cover came up it didn't look anything like what I was thinking the cover of the CD in question looked like. I recalled the other CD having a more-or-less green cover with a person of some sort on it.

So then I was racking my brain trying to recall who the other CD was by. Then last night it was really bothering me and I was trying to figure out how in the world I would be able to find it. My music collection is very modest by many standards, but it is still over 12,000 songs and many, many albums. And without a name (of an album, song, anything), it was virtually impossible to find.

I scanned through covers, I looked through artist names for something I didn't recognize, I checked genres knowing full well that was completely pointless since I don't standardize those. It was quite the bizarre situation, something that could have happened with physical CDs except that I hadn't really lost the music per-se, as it was still on the hard drive, I just couldn't find it.

In the end, I truly started thinking the album had been lost during the computer shuffle last fall and so I was looking on Wikipedia for Opeth CD covers. The one I did not check was Watershed, as this was the grey-covered CD, so then I started checking other similar band's pages for CD covers. Finally on a whim I went into Watershed's page only to see the exact cover I had been expecting to see this whole time. The grey cover was apparently an alternative cover that iTunes had downloaded, where as Windows Media Player previously used the green cover.

So I had known which CD it was the whole time, and even worse, it still was as unpleasant to my ears as I recalled it being!

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Moe said...

Too funny. A few friends of mine absolutely love Opeth, and have seen them live a few times.