Monday, July 06, 2009

New Ulm

DSC_3719On Friday Linzy and I went to New Ulm, MN for a day trip. The trip was a delayed anniversary trip, as we have a tradition of making a day trip to a small town nearby and spending the day together wandering around and exploring a new place.

This year we decided to go back to New Ulm which we hadn't been to since Shawn and Andrea's wedding many years ago. It is about a two hour drive out there which is about perfect (versus the three hour trip to Lacrosse). We had an abbreviated time to spend in town since we had to be back in the Twin Cities for dinner, but an afternoon turned out to be plenty of time.


We started our trip out with lunch at Viegel's Kaiserhoff, a German restaurant on main street downtown. The restaurant appeared to be filled mostly with locals and a few German tourists, so that seemed like a good sign. The food was very good, Linzy had a bratwurst sandwich and I had Wiener Schnitzel. After lunch we wandered around downtown checking out the nearby parks and historical monuments and buildings. It was fun to walk around downtown and listen to the music they play from the speakers on top of buildings and see the signs for polka night, and check out the Glockenspiel.


After that we went up to Hermann Height Monument and climbed the monument in the rain. Linzy didn't go all the way to the top which turned out to be good because there was only a steep ladder/steps to get onto the top and it was fairly slippery due to the light rain. The view from the top was very cool though as you could see for miles and miles.


From there we went out to the Schell Brewery for a tour, but unfortunately the place was packed and we couldn't get tickets for a tour that started soon enough. Instead we wandered the grounds and looked at the gardens and old house, and then drove down the road 8 miles or so to the Morgan Creek Vineyard.

The winery was pretty fancy for being out in the middle of farm country and a ways out of town. The wine was mostly Frontenac grape-based, and primarily sweet wines. Neither of which is my favorite, but we did find one wine that was quite tasty (the driest they offered).


After that it was time to head back, but realistically other then the Schell Brewery we had exhausted our list of things to be done in New Ulm. It was a fun trip and the relatively short drive made it worthwhile, even just for an afternoon.

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