Thursday, July 23, 2009

Options, Options

On Saturday we'll be headed back to the design center to make the final choices for the new house. Over the past week as I've thought more about how the price just continues to escalate, I've become a bit frustrated with the outrageous prices some things cost, where then other options are ridiculously cheap.

For example, changing all of the door knobs in the house to levers costs $250. We looked at changing the door knobs in the current house a while back and those same levers were going to cost an insane amount of money to change even the smaller number of doors our house has now.

But then there was something like putting a different faucet in the kitchen, where it was $375 for a very similar faucet to the one that I put in this house. That one cost $200, and it's not like it has any additional labor to install, plus they're saving the cost of the normal faucet.

I commented to Linzy the other day that the only option I truly want is for them to pause construction for like a week after framing in the house and let me do whatever I want. Run wires all over, changing out some of the plumbing, put in a vent for the gas cooktop, etc. All of which costs stupid sums of money to have the builder do, but in reality takes a few hours to do prior to when the house is finished.

I fully understand why they would never do that, but it is nice to dream.


Dan Phillips said...

It is unbelievable how they seem to nickel and dime you for easy changes. Sounds like some exciting times, I'm sure stressful also. I'm anxious to see the new place. When is the construction due to be finished and ready to move in?

Moe said...

A friend of mine worked out some shady business with the builders when he built his house a few years ago. They let him go onto the house site at night to run wires and cables. Can't imagine they'd let you do that, but it would be nice.